Corinne Robinson Hair and MakeUp
corinnelr19@gmail.com 07974 733586 (mb)


Hair and MakeUp for ABC News (Royal Coverage)

Make Up for Nikki Fox (' Secrets of the Supermarket and BBC Watchdog ' )

Lily Allen, Pete Townshend, Neil Tennant for 'Music Moguls' Jan BBC4

BBC Imagine 'Edna O'brien'

BBC Imagine 'Ray Davies' director - Julian Temple,
Personal hair and Make up for Ray Davies since 2008

Mark Lawson Talks To.. (BBC4)
Noel Gallager, Graham Norton, Steve Coogan, Jo Brand, Joanna Trollope, David Bailey,Michael Ball, Miryam Margules,Terry Wogan, Felicity Kendall, Rob Brydon, Dame Diana Rigg, Alice Cooper, Gilbert and George, Alison Steadman, Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Spall, Maureen Lipman, Phil Collins, Barry Cryer, Sir Anthony Caro, Liz Smith, Imelda Staunton, George Cole, Quentin Blake, Ian Hislop, Melvyn Bragg, David Renwick, Simon Russel Beale, Mike Leigh, Jimmy McGovern, Galton and Simpson, Peter Blake.

Klaxons (Popworld, E4, Transmissions, Jonathon Ross, Newsnight Review, The Brits, NME Awards, Mercury Prize, MTV Top 50 songs, Chart Show)

BBC Interactive: Strictly Come Dancing, Spooks, The Peoples Quiz, Waking The Dead, Shakespeare's Stories, Eurovision.

Terror Alert with Chris Ryan (Sky 1)

Horizon 'M.I.T' (BBC2)

True Horror With Anthony Head (Witches/ Werwolves)

History Of Working Women (World Of Wonder)

USS Constellation ' Slave Ship Patrol' (US History Channel)

E= Mc2 'History Of The Worlds Most Famous Equation' (C4) Make Up Supervisor

The Last Chancers (C4) sitcom (Kevin Bishop/ Adam Buxton) Make Up Supervisor

My Life As A Poppat (ITV) kids sitcom, Make Up Supervisor

The Grammy Awards Red Carpet Interviews for VH1 and CBS

Before They Were Famous and Behind The Music (various) VH1 feat: David Coverdale, Mick Fleetwood, Chevy Chase, John Taylor

Top 10 Countdown with Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman

Arrange Me a Marriage (BBC2)


Director: Jesper Erickson (Nice Shirt)
Dunelm Mill (Home)

Director: Anton Corbijn (Black Label)
'Don't fuck my future' w Lily Cole and Kiera Knightly

Director: Stuart Douglas (Nice Shirt)
Eliquis 'whats next'
Big Issue 'Change Please'
Morrisons Christmas
Merci 'First Home'
E Harmony 'single girl', Samsung 'Smart TV', Sharwoods 'Wraps', Sainsburys 'picnic and BBQ'
Waitrose (various) Lucozade 'Sport Lite', BBC Documentaries trailer,
BBC Idents: Ring a Roses/ Giant Snowball,
Time To Change 'Stigma' Mental Illness Awareness, Carlsberg with Steven Gerrard and Liverpool players
Director: Ivan Bird (Rattling Stick)
The Times

Director: John Hardwick
Waterwipes, 'One born every minute' idents

Director: Vesa Manninen (Outsider)
Very.co.uk 'The Journey'

Director: Simon Ratigan (HLA)
Land Rover
Premier Inn 'Beautiful Mornings'
Thatchers Cider 'Time Stops'

Director: Adam Cameron (Mustard)
Barclaycard 'Banking'

Director: Micon Van Gastel (Black Label)
Dove 'the best of both worlds' (Hair ) mua: Shinobu

Director: David Boni (Broad Bean Media/ Black Label)
Standard Life 'Slam' with Andy Murray

Director: Henry Littlechild (Outsider)
Morrisons 'Conveyor Belt)

Directors: Nic And Dom (Outsider)
Johnson and Johnson 'Pink Creme', Kia 'Time Traveler', Audi Quatro 'Grip'

Director: Pedro Romhanyl (Outsider)
Norwich Union 'Diving', Tesco 'Training Balls with Frank Lampard'
Tesco Compare with Paul Daniels, Vodaphone 'Blackberry Storm'

Director: Jonny Maginn (Mustard)
Kellogs Optivita with Aldo Zilli, Lighter Life Lite, Nokia 'Human', Nissan 'Soccer AM Idents (Bikini Films)

Director: Jon Hollis (Nice Shirt)
Nike 'Monty Vapor',
Bounty Kitchen Paper 'Wow'

Director: Simon Cole (HSI)
British Gas 'Green Kids', TGI Fridays 'Best Ever'

Director: Matt Uhry (HMX Media)
Sony Reader, Lenevo Laptop

Director: Thomas Leach (Home Corp)
Powerade ION 4

Director: Andrea Kapos (Red Bee)
NSPCC 'Hug', BBC 'Explain' with Penelope Kieth and Bill Oddie, Cbeebies

Director: Chris Cairns (Partizan)
Fifa Idents 'You Almighty'

Director: James Wheedon (Bliss)
Finish 3 in 1

Director: Declan Lowney (HSI)
Reveal Magazine

Director: Tareq Kubaisi (Nice Shirt)
Lenor ' Bedgasm'


Roger Daltry and Wilco 'Keep it to myself' director: Tim Pope (Black Label)

Amanda Palmer 'The Killing Type' director: Tim Pope (Black Label)

Klaxons 'Magik' director: Saam Faardinand (Partizan)

Jaime T 'Calm Down Dearest' director: Nima Nourizadeh (Partizan)

Ordinary Boys '9 to 5' director: Andy Hylton (Partizan)

Ed Harcourt 'Apple Of My Eye' director: Lyndi Rhodes (Tigerlilly)

Howling Bells 'Setting Sun' and 'Blessed Night' director: Dan Fernbach (Static)

Gledhill 'Remain' director: Dan Fernbach (Static)

Martin Grech 'Open Heart Zoo' and 'Push' director: Malcom Crowe (Caboose)

Spinto Band 'Oh Mandy' director: John Watts (Colonel Blimp)

Curtis Mantronix (ft Chamonix) 'How Did You Know' director: Trudi Bellinger (Partizan)

Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards 'Bust' director: Tareq Kubaisi (Nice Shirt)

The Guillemots 'Train To Brazil' (Love Productions)


Cold Hearts (US Vampire) director: Robert A Masciantonio
Domestic (UK, Short) director: Suzi Ewing
Tuesday (UK, John Simm/ Phil Glennister) director: Sacha Bennet (make up supervisor)
Love Lust And Joy (US) director Corey Schmidt
Yo Tyrone (US, Short) director Carolyn Miller

Alistair Morrison (Billy Joel/ Ray Davies, Nile Rodgers for The Adoration Trilogy and Ray Davies for Rolls Royce
Pelle Crépin (Pet Shop Boys)
Nick Meek (Lebara)
Dan Burn -Forti (Kleenex, Morrisons online campaign, Dreamies (US) Ray Davies)
Zac Macauley (British Heart Foundation, Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express, Sony, Bonefo pharmacuticals
Gary Salter ( Capri Sun, Southern Trains, Absolute Radio, Giff Gaff)
Alex Macnaughton (NHS)
Jordi Adria (Manpower)
Piper Ferguson (Berlin)
David Stewart (150yrs of London Underground, HMRC)
David Sykes (Post Office)
Malcolm Venville (Zacapa rum)